• "Crystal works all hours of the day and night and holds the media accountable.” - Mark Sparks, Attorney, Provost Umphrey LLP

  • “Crystal goes above and beyond. She genuinely cares for her clients and their needs and when things get hectic she is flexible and reliable.

    “Crystal goes above and beyond. She genuinely cares for her clients and their needs and when things get hectic she is flexible and reliable." -Dr. Melaura Erickson Tomaino, Co-Founder & Principal, Port View Preparatory Schools

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Our Public Relations Counsel services are focused on proactive efforts geared to keeping our clients fit and capable of maximizing reputation-building opportunities. 

Amassing Relational Capital

Relational capital is good will, like a bank account, you always want a positive balance and if you’re smart, a reserve for rainy days. People will work harder, stay late, be more forgiving of mistakes and make time for a favor if you have a healthy goodwill account. 

Building this capital is a natural byproduct for some, others it must be intentional, calendared. We are expert bridge builders in this area and have transformed some of the most cantankerous, unappealing individuals into engageable, authentic, even likeable people.

Reputation Tune-Up

Like your vehicle, reputations need to be serviced for maximum performance.

Alignment of your narrative, the fuel quality of your messaging, are important to check at least once a year, more if you’ve been in an accident or facing a new challenge. See how RCC can help you get better traction where you need it most.

We find out the following:
What you think people are saying about your services
What has been said about your services
What your competitors say about their services
What’s been said about your competitors’ services
What your internal resources (management, staff, volunteers) say about the services

Results are analyzed and contrasted against your PR objectives. You are presented with findings and or recommendations of what can advance your reputation. 

Your message is everything that comes out of your mouth, how your employees interact with clients, what is on your website, and what is handed out in person. To be competitive, you need a narrative and messaging that is accurate and consistent.

Messaging Audit

All businesses, if they are to grow, capture market share and succeed -- they evolve. Successful organizations routinely engage outside communications counsel to counterbalance their own intrinsic biases.

If your message has become tired, dated and drowned out by others, it may be time for a partial or full refresh.

Our audit utilizes online research, in-person interviews, surveys, and analyzes your current marketing efforts. In addition to the findings, the audit will include recommendations for areas that need to be expanded, strengthened, condensed, or polished.

If the findings point to a weak or scrambled narrative, examples of new messaging will be provided and can be developed for other materials if required.

For our Reputation Tune-Ups and Messaging Audits, we often utilize Polls/Surveys.

Civic Capital 

For those wanting more influential roles in their community, we develop blueprints for high-profile opportunities and counsel them in developing the requisite civic relational capital.

The RCC Difference

We test words and they are not cheap mind you.

If you’re about to launch a new service or build a website, don’t you want to know what sparks the interest of your intended audience? Taglines, nouns, verbs, adverbs, we find out what attracts and conveys confidence in your messaging.

Our surveys can find the actual and perceived value proposition from the perspective of your existing and prospective customers. We study the competition, trends and marketplace to distill your company’s key differentiators and competitive advantages which then can be used as a blueprint for your marketing materials.

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