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Lost in translation at Sochi: Language interpreters have a tough time with one Olympian’s ‘surfer jargon’ during post-competition interview

While speaking to press after USA gold-medalist snowboarder, Sage Kotsenburg’s big win on Saturday, language interpreters struggled to translate some of the words he was using including “stoked” and “sick”.

Kotsenburg says, “I’m so stoked to be here and just like represent the USA for sure.”

While the word “stoked” may be a common slang term in the US, Russian interpreters took it as he was drunk or under the influence of alcohol. This incident goes to show the importance of accurate messaging as a journalist or someone in the media.

Click the video below to watch Kotsenburg’s gnarly gold medal interview: 

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Help others this Valentine's Day!

Be a business sweetheart this Valentine’s Day by donating any new or gently used clothes (especially men’s suits and work attire) to disadvantaged men and women trying to find employment. Giving back to the community is something Rockwood Communications Counsel holds near and dear to our heart. Together, we can make someone’s day filled with more potential. If you are interested in participating, charitable organizations such as  WHW (Women Helping Women/Men2Work) and the Orange County Rescue Mission take donations nearly every day of the week.
Warm your heart by giving back.

“My name is Jennifer and I am an addict…to my smartphone.”

Find yourself itching to check who just texted you while having lunch with a friend? Told yourself you will just check Facebook for one person’s posting and 30 minutes later, you’re still on Facebook? You’re not alone. According to an article by Julia Edelstein in Real Simple Magazine’s January issue, “Break Free from Your Social Media Addiction”, you my friend are being played. Here’s how to see more quality time in 2014. Click here for tips.

Want Social Media Fame in 2014? That’ll cost you $6800, please.

According to a recent Forbes article, if you feel the need to “enhance” your social media presence in the New Year, all you need to do is hand over a mere seven grand. So what exactly will this money buy you? Well for starters, how does a million YouTube views, a million Twitter followers, 20,000 likes on Facebook and an enviable amount of Instagram and Pinterest followers sound? So what’s the catch?
Read more to find out why the cost of social media “fake fame” isn’t so fabulous after all.