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California Lawyer

Courtly Manners: Rewarding Referrals Can Go Haywire

July 2014

There's a lawyer we'll call Daniel who referred his colleague Ken to a client who had landed a $200,000 contract. A short time later, Daniel received an envelope from Ken containing a $200 check with "Thanks!" scrawled across it. "I was shocked. I didn't expect any compensation," says Daniel. "Yet this made me feel that's what he deemed the referral to be worth, which didn't sit well, either."


Lawyers, are you properly showing gratitude to your referral sources? Here's how to give proper thank you's to referrals.

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Report: Strength of handshake can expose a person’s education, age

Based on a recent study conducted by researchers at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, a handshake can reveal a lot about a person.

"According to hand grip strength, people with high education... feel several years younger compared to people with lower education," study author Sergei Scherbov told AFP.

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Crystal Rockwood quoted in TheWrap

May 2, 2014

In light of the recently released audio recordings of (now former) Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling, Los Angeles-based entertainment-media company, The Wrap News Inc. asked Crystal Rockwood to give some words of advice to the condemned businessman. Can Sterling’s long term reputation be saved? Rockwood believes it can be.

“We're a very forgiving group…but there has to be absolute sincerity and authenticity behind it.” Rockwood said. “He can't have made that much money that he's completely removed from how much he's offended people.”

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California Lawyer

Courtly Manners: The Referral That Keeps on Giving

It made sense when you brought in "Alex" for your client's wage-and-hour case; he is, after all, the best employment lawyer you know. But after he suggested that the client hire your competition for another piece of business your firm hoped to get, there is no way in Hades you will ever give him another referral. Alex quite simply forgot who invited him to the dance.

All too many attorneys inadvertently land on their colleagues' do-not-call lists this way.



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Published May 2014