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Google's Mobile-Friendliness Can Help or Hurt Your Business

Google will be giving search preference to mobile-friendly sites beginning on April 21, 2015. Experts say 30% of all web traffic, regardless of industry, comes from mobile devices. Do not lose business on these new search standards.

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Click here for the full article about these new standards.

The Price of Shame

Monica Lewinsky braves the spotlight for the first time in years and shows the cost of shaming.

Kudos to her for suggesting we consider a new narrative going forward.

To listen to the Ted Talk: The Price of Shame by Monica Lewinsky

First Annual Veteran Legal Institute Award Dinner

The First Annual Veteran Legal Institute Award Dinner honoring Justice Eileen C. Moore drew hundreds of supporters last night. 

Justice Moore's speech was both moving and inspirational. The very real need for veterans to have access to quality and compassionate legal assistance was made clear. A big salute to Dwight Stirling, Institute CEO and Co-Founder, and Antoinette Balta, President and Co-Founder, who put this need on people's radar. A great start in every way!

Find out how you can be involved in improving veteran care here