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Franklin Classical Middle School invites Crystal to present at College & Career Day

Franklin Classical Middle School held its annual College and Career Day on Thursday, June 11th. Crystal Rockwood volunteered to share about what it is like to work in marketing, public relations, crisis communications and business etiquette.

The students were particularly excited about the opportunities to tell stories through social media. It was a privilege and so much fun to teach these youth about new job opportunities.

"I will never ever underestimate how hard good teachers work!" shares Crystal.


Cleanup, Aisle 5

Crystal Rockwood is featured in COLLOQUY's May|June 2015 issue. In the article Cleanup, Aisle 5,  she shares a few ways to better handle loyalty-related crises. Drawing on both extensive crisis communications and business etiquette experience, Crystal's tips can apply to a breadth of business missteps.

Loyalty programs are a great way to get, and keep, regular customer/clients. But what happens when you promise too much or start to cut back on the rewards?

Answer this question and more in the full article here.

The 7 Success Factors of Social Business Strategy

CEO Charlene Li and Business Analyst Brian Solis work with the Altimeter Group to discover trends in business and social media. Below are some tips for a successful social media business strategy. It is also an example of a great info graphic.