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Italian American Lawyers of Orange County

It is always fun to celebrate your culture and to learn about others. The Italian American Lawyers of Orange County are excited to be hosting a joint event with the Celtic Bar this month.

With her fellow Italians, Crystal will be moving on over to the Irish side, enjoying Muldoon's and some cross-national networking.

For more information about this upcoming event, go here.

If you are interested in the Italian American Lawyers of Orange County, join us here.

Rock-Solid Reputations Help Prevent Crisis

RCC knows how to deal with a crisis when it arises, but we agree whole heartedly with Mr. Scott, of the Pioneer Press—we want to establish rock-solid reputations for the long haul. It is vital for companies and organizations to follow his, and our, advice and establish a protocol to get a real second opinion on things before moving forward. Whether it is the next big PR campaign, a new tagline, press release, or approach to a potentially hazardous situation.  

Mr. Scott says, "What's really needed are level-headed, common-sense communications teams to step in before things instantly blow up on YouTube, Twitter and other social media."  

Having a plan in place when crisis hits helps, but having a bit of common sense and extra evaluation before big decisions get made can eliminate those situations all together. If you need an extra pair of eyes and ears, RCC is here to help with long term PR and issue management.

For more information about our services, go here.

Click here to check out Eric Scott's full article published in the Chicago Tribune.

FreeOC Benefit Dinner to End Human Trafficking

Abraham Lincoln once said, "I think slavery is wrong, morally, and politically. I desire that it should be no further spread in these United States, and I should not object if it should gradually terminate in the whole Union.” While the U.S. eventually made slavery illegal, it is unfortunately in no way “terminated” in our country. 

There is good news however – this injustice does not go unseen. There are many men and women actively engaging in the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force, a collaboration including the FBI, law enforcement, victim services, and concerned citizens working hard to end modern slavery in our area.

This task force has rescued and served over 400 victims of trafficking in Orange County, but there is more to be done.

And this Saturday – YOU can help!

FreeOC is hosting a fundraising and awareness dinner Saturday, August 1st at 5:30 pm. The dinner, hosted at Southlands Church (2950 E. Imperial Hwy, Brea, CA) is $45 a person.

Come learn how you can help end modern slavery in Orange County and know that all proceeds go to further assisting the task force in their amazing work aiding survivors and helping restore dignity to those rescued from modern-day slavery in OC.

Purchase your tickets here.


A Workshop on the New California Competes Tax Credit

For all the business owners out there, join OCBC, the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), and the City of Tustin for a free workshop on the California Competes Tax Credit. 

The State of California has allocated $75 million in income tax credits to be made available to businesses that want to come to California or stay and expand. Small, medium and large businesses are encouraged to attend the workshop and receive instruction on how to apply for this tax credit program.

Hosted by the Orange County Business Council on Friday, July 31st from 9 am to 10 am at the Tustin Branch Library Professional Training Center, 345 East Main St., Tustin, CA. 

CLICK HERE to register

CLICK HERE for more information about the California Competes Tax Credit