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Thank You, Veterans

Today we want to celebrate, honor, and remember those who have served this country. Thank you, Veterans, for your sacrifice.

Mitigate Negative Publicity

We often mitigate negative publicity, existing or anticipated.

Question: How do you know when someone else has stolen your narrative?

Answer: When you see your horse out of the barn wearing someone else's saddle going in the wrong direction.


RCC Crisis Rule #5

There are three well known rules in crisis communications: First, fast and in full. Over the years we've added a fourth warning (#4 Less it fester) this year, a fifth. Like Californians with earthquakes, most think it will never happen when they are in their cars and hence woefully unprepared.

RCC rule #5 in ugly PR situations: Take the pain early. Vicodin is cheaper than surgery.

Happy Halloween!

We hope you all have a fun, safe Halloween... and don't get too many cavities.