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The Orange County Bar Association Labor and Employment Section has invited Crystal to speak about sexual harassment on a panel March 12th. She will join Attorneys William M. Crosby and Tina Rad to discuss, “Why Are We Still Getting Sued?: Harassment Causes, Consequences, and Prevention Strategies.”
According to a Wall Street Journal article, “Why Sexual Harassment Matters to Investors,” 88% of company boards have no action plan regarding sexual harassment claims, despite the EEOC’s findings that companies have spent over $295 million in sexual harassment claims in the last 5 years – and these numbers do not include private settlements.
Some topics that will be discussed include the broader impact of workplace bullying and harassment, prevention strategies, policies that work, effective training, warning signs and early detection, handling complaints, dealing with bad PR and business disruptions, civility and professionalism in the workplace, and long-term solutions.