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A cyber-attack alerting clients of internal short comings
Discovery of an enormous accounting error
Partner dispute gone viral
An angry customer gets the media to show up in the lobby

Situations like these often send clients panicked to their attorneys for advice. Even more so for managing partners, as their attorneys turn to them

Much like a paramedic, you should know how to move your client out of harm’s way and keep them stable enough to recover, or at least before sounder minds prevail and the experts arrive.  

On March 13, Crystal Rockwood will be presenting to the Orange County Managing Partners about the following:

  • What actions to take at the first sign of a crisis including possible reimbursement for business disruption costs
  • What key materials are needed in most crisis situations
  • How to assess threat factors which will influence strategy
  • How to determine when and if expert counsel is needed
  • Common indicators of potential PR threats
  • What safety measures to have in place before a crisis hits
  • Specific cases of negative PR impacting the private, public and non-profit industries

Although this is a closed presentation, if these topics are of interest to you or your clients, please contact us here for more information about scheduling similar presentations.