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RCC knows how to deal with a crisis when it arises, but we agree whole heartedly with Mr. Scott, of the Pioneer Press—we want to establish rock-solid reputations for the long haul. It is vital for companies and organizations to follow his, and our, advice and establish a protocol to get a real second opinion on things before moving forward. Whether it is the next big PR campaign, a new tagline, press release, or approach to a potentially hazardous situation.  

Mr. Scott says, "What's really needed are level-headed, common-sense communications teams to step in before things instantly blow up on YouTube, Twitter and other social media."  

Having a plan in place when crisis hits helps, but having a bit of common sense and extra evaluation before big decisions get made can eliminate those situations all together. If you need an extra pair of eyes and ears, RCC is here to help with long term PR and issue management.

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Click here to check out Eric Scott's full article published in the Chicago Tribune.