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Ways to Improve Your Social Media Etiquette

There is a fine line when determining what is deemed appropriate vs. inappropriate in the digital media realm. Using social media can positively enhance your personal brand or be consequently detrimental to it. Whether it is through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Pinterest, social media etiquette should always be taken into consideration.

Facebook: Face your problems, don’t Facebook them. Quite frankly, no one cares that you got a paper cut and it hurts or that all your friends have the latest iPhone, but you don’t. Also, please don’t spam your friends’ inboxes with multiple event invitations a day. Not only is it obnoxious, it’s inconsiderate as well.

Twitter: Do hashtag, but don’t over-hashtag. A #hashtag can be a very effective tool for stirring up a particular topic of conversation or creating some kind of buzz. It’s a great way to categorize your tweets into a grouped discussion or “digital community”. However, putting too many hashtags in a post or hashtagging nonsense words like #YoloSwag (yes… people do tweet this), can be extremely annoying and even confusing for your followers.

Instagram: You don’t need to share every single photo taken on your phone. There’s nothing more tasteless than filling up someone’s photo feed with pointless images of the apple you had for breakfast or the traffic you encountered on the morning commute to work. Do “like” other people’s photos. They will more than likely return the favor.

LinkedIn: Remember, this is a professional social networking forum. With that being said, it’s different than your other social media profiles in the sense that you don’t need to add and accept random connection requests. Endorsing your connections for various skills and expertise is a plus; however, don’t feel obliged to endorse someone simply because you know them. 

Pinterest: Try and avoid uncategorized pinning. If I’m following your “Sweets and Treats” board and you’re pinning images of home décor, I will more than likely un-follow your mishmash board. Re-pinning images is two big thumbs up, but when you do, make sure you re-pin from the original source as a way to credit the reference.

Social media has blown up in the last decade and it is continuing to expand every day. Since you more than likely have joined one or more of the listed social media forums, it is vital that you take these etiquette tips into consideration to maintain a respected and valued online persona.