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Career Starters: How important is your e-Image?

In this current day and age, you need to be extra careful about what you post online. While a photo of you engaging in a beer keg stand may seem humorous and commended by your friends, the same image can be extremely distasteful to a potential employer and may harm your chances at nabbing that dream job. Employers in all industries are now going to extreme measures to see what they can discover about you beyond your professional appearance, top-notch interview skills and excellent resume and work portfolio. Oftentimes, if an employer discovers your professional appearance doesn’t align with the image that you display outside of the workplace, you’re not getting hired!

Steps on how to manage your e-Image:
1. Google yourself at least once a month: Make sure nothing that can potentially damage your reputation pops up, and if something does, take the proactive measures needed to have the harmful content removed.
2. Evaluate and examine all your social media profiles regularly: Did one of your friends reference you in a post regarding something explicit or illegal? If so, immediately have that person delete the inappropriate innuendo.
3. Be aware of everything you post online: Remember that whatever you post to the web will be there forever… you heard me right, FOREVER. 

So, the next time you’re about to hit the send button, take a pause and think to yourself, would your 80 year-old great aunt approve?