• “Crystal's clear communication strategy emphasizes transparency and focus. It is an honor to know Crystal, and she will always be the expert I call.

    “Crystal's clear communication strategy emphasizes transparency and focus. It is an honor to know Crystal, and she will always be the expert I call." - Vanessa Bechtel, CEO, Ventura County Community Foundation

  • "Crystal was an invaluable counselor and resource whenever it came to public statements and public relations." — Dave Snyder, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

  • “Crystal brings an incredible amount of creativity, integrity and professionalism to everything she does.” — Elihu Harris, former Mayor, Oakland, CA

    “Crystal brings an incredible amount of creativity, integrity and professionalism to everything she does.” — Elihu Harris, former Mayor, Oakland, CA

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“I represented a government entity, which, through no fault of its own, was forced to quickly explain a massive accounting error requiring additional taxes owed during the holidays.  I referred the client to Crystal because there was unfair public outcry that the client was responsible for the accounting error.  Crystal and her team developed a strategy using the media, door hangers, robocalls and more to manage the situation resulting in fair coverage.

Every attorney should know what they don’t know to best serve their clients. When it comes to the court of public opinion, that is Crystal’s expertise, and she protected my client’s reputation.

I strongly recommend Crystal to anyone who is facing a communication crisis or public misperception.”  

— Mark Wilson, Trial Attorney, Klein & Wilson


“I recently had the privilege of working with Crystal Rockwood, as she managed our communications strategy during a very challenging time. She was referred to me by a CEO of a very large nonprofit in Los Angeles, who told me that Crystal is the best in times of crisis. She was so right. Crystal is strategic and intuitive. Her methodical approach provides a guiding light during a time of difficulty. She is credible, diligent, calming and compassionate – the perfect mixture for working with a Board of Directors. Her clear communication strategy emphasizes transparency and focus. It is an honor to know Crystal, and she will always be the expert I call. Thankfully, her high degree of accessibility leads me to know she will always be there when the call comes.”

— Vanessa Bechtel, CEO, Ventura County Community Foundation


"Crystal helps us to be our best selves, especially in the heat of crisis. When the circumstances might incline us to overreact, Crystal helps us remember the values we espouse and helps us find a way to respond that is true to our values. She never tries to remake us in her image or in the fashion of anyone else. She helps us to be faithful to our true selves. Crystal empowers us to tell our own story with integrity, even in the face of hostile adversaries. Her services are worth their weight in gold."

— Rev. Dr. Steven Toshio Yamaguchi, Former Presbytery Pastor/Executive Presbyter, The Presbytery of Los Ranchos


"I've seen Crystal negotiate contentious client disputes to rescue business reputations at the risk of losing funding and franchise rights. Her skills complement our efforts in protecting the client."

--Debbie Dickson, CPA, President, Smith Dickson CPAs


Crystal Rockwood goes above and beyond to ensure all her clients needs are met. Crystal conquers each project with professionalism, grace and passion!  She genuinely cares for her clients and their needs and when things get hectic she is flexible and reliable to ensure that her clients are satisfied and feel loved and taken care of."

— Melaura Erickson Tomaino, Co-Founder and Principal, Port View Preparatory Schools


“On a number of occasions I have retained Crystal to assist my corporate clients with managing communications in various types of crises. Crystal's depth and breadth of knowledge and experience allows her to provide my clients with unique intuition and clarity in dealing with very complex and multidimensional crises. She handles each CRISIS with aplomb and delivers advice and recommendations with decisiveness and accuracy."

Ron S. Brand, Employment Law Attorney, Brand Law Firm


"It has been an honor and pleasure working with you on our project. I really enjoyed your style and learned a few things in the process."

— Troy Butzlaff, Former City Administrator, City of Placentia


“It is always a pleasure to have you as a guest speaker and I hope we will have you back again.”

Terralee Pettinger, Former Boeing Finance


“I have had the pleasure of working with Rockwood Communications Counsel for many years. I have brought RCC in to my clients for their expertise in crisis communications and also to help plan PR campaigns and assist in business growth and expansion. Crystal is a master of her craft, and clients are comforted by her presence immediately (particularly in difficult and stressful situations). I have no hesitation when referring RCC to my clients and they always make us look good when we do.”

Brian Selvan, Labor & Employment Attorney, Walraven & Westerfeld LLP


“She is a proactive manager, a creative thinker, a resourceful and original leader and an exceptional strategist and tactician. I have been with her "in the trenches" in crisis situations, and her calm, measured approach and thoughtful advice were critical to achieving successful results.

— William F. Abrams, Former Partner, Bingham McCutchen LLP, San Francisco, CA


"Crystal Rockwood is the premier choice for professional service firms that wish to manage their reputations wisely.”

—Mary Cranston, Former Chair, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, San Francisco, CA


"Crystal would attend hearings with me in court and provide excellent advice and critique about my performance, the language used during that performance, and how to better address the court. And I think as a lawyer, if you can’t take criticism and use it to your advantage, then you’re never really going to excel, and I was very pleased to develop with Crystal in courtrooms some strategies that helped.

— Mark Sparks, Trial Attorney, Provost Umphrey


"Time and time again, Crystal has demonstrated the ability to manage crisis communications effectively and to train clients the proper way to react to public relations challenges."

— Todd Friedland, Business Litigation Attorney, Stephens Friedland LLP


“RCC organized a confidential survey of our members. We learned a lot and use it as a compass to keep us on track.”

President, Public Safety Association


“We used Rockwood Communications Counsel to assist us with strategic marketing initiatives. The content development they produced was highly professional and suited our needs perfectly. Crystal and her team’s level of professionalism and responsiveness is most impressive.”

— Dana Sheridan, General Counsel, Active Captive Management


“I don't think of Crystal Rockwood as simply someone who handles our marketing and public outreach, I think of her as part of the Port View Prep Family. Her care for us as her client and her desire to know everything she could about our business and the students we serve showed what a dedicated professional she is. Simply put, Marketing and Public Relations and Outreach equals Crystal Rockwood. As a business owner and Chief Executive Officer, it gives me great confidence having Crystal, and our company is in better shape because she is on our team. It is truly a privilege to be her client.

— Dr. Edward Miguel, Co-Founder & Principal, Port View Preparatory Schools  


“I've used Crystal Rockwood many times for client matters. She is one of my firm's most effective and trusted resources when dealing with high-profile cases. Recently, I successfully ran for Costa Mesa City Council. It was a tough race with substantial media coverage. Crystal was the first person I turned to for advice in dealing with the media. The input she provided about tone, content and process in responding to press inquiries was absolutely invaluable. I'm convinced she was instrumental in the positive outcome we achieved in the campaign."

— John B. Stephens, Business Attorney, Stephens Friedland LLP


“Well, you were right. The story from 5 years ago is back to haunt us. We should have gotten the good news out sooner. Can you help us again?”   

— Director of Business Development, Marketing Company


"Dealing with the press is not intuitive."

— Attorney, Mergers & Acquisitions


“Crystal’s media training helped me overcome my long-held belief that talking to the media is generally a bad idea; equipped with the training skills you can confidently field any media query. Two-thumbs up!

— Attorney,  Environmental Litigator


“From public school labor strikes and Malibu wildland fires to improving the image of the hospice industry, she has the unique ability to make complex and confusing issues understandable to the average citizen.

— Don Parker, Director, San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District


"Six years ago, Crystal Rockwood worked with our law firm, helping us develop an effective firm-wide media strategy and teaching us public relations skills. Employees at all levels, from the Senior Partners and Marketing Director to the secretarial and reception area staff, participated. Our joint efforts paid off. We have become a go-to firm when the media needs quotes, more widely recognized and respected throughout California."

— Marilyn Philipp, Law Firm Administrator


"Crystal’s advice, preparation and experience was invaluable to me during a massive litigation media blitz. I may not have survived without her. From focusing me on exactly what points to make, how and when to make them, to what tie to wear and how to smile and behave, she was a God-send. I urge everyone who will ever deal with the media to listen to her sage advice.

Attorney, Corporate Securities


"Many, many thanks for a great presentation ... very informative and engaging. Student reaction was very positive and they are glad you were part of the course syllabus. Your messages are exactly what they need to learn as they prepare for the real world in communications."

— Irv Cuevas, Professor, Cal State University, Dominguez Hills


“We were surprised to learn the tagline we developed came in dead last with the people we want to attract. We ultimately chose a combination of the winning words and created one we are confident about.”  

— Jeremy Matteson, Owner, CPRX and Senior’s Choice Physical Therapy


I have complete and absolute confidence in Crystal Rockwood’s press and public affairs counsel.

— Mike Nisperos, Former Public Defender of Guam, Director, Public Defender Services Corporation, Guam


"I have known Crystal Rockwood for almost a decade, and have recommended her on numerous occasions for various crisis communication and public relations engagements. She is vigilant in spotting threats and opportunities, no matter whether they are large, small, or subtly nuanced. Without hesitation or reservation, I highly recommend Crystal Rockwood and her team at Rockwood Communications Counsel whenever crisis communications and strategic public relations are required to manage the public's perceptions."

— Marc Hankin, IP Attorney, Hankin Patent Law


"Rockwood Communications Counsel gave us great insight and clarity in dealing with a very complex and difficult issue by assisting us with multi-dimensional communication strategies.

— Dick Williams, Elder, Personnel Committee Chair, Presbyterian church, Mission Viejo, CA


"Crystal was an invaluable counselor and resource whenever it came to public statements and public relations."

— Dave Snyder, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, San Diego, CA


“Crystal brings an incredible amount of creativity, integrity and professionalism to everything she does.”

— Elihu Harris, Chancellor, Peralta Community College District, former Mayor, Oakland, CA


“I recommend Crystal to anyone looking for a public relations expert with a high degree of integrity and experience. Crystal's unique ability to see through complex issues and create innovative solutions puts her a cut above the rest.

Socorro De Luna, Office Administrator, Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP


“Crystal was initially recommended to me by my legal counsel as a true professional not only specializing in all facets of public relations, but also as an empathetic partner who has real interest in the well-being of her clients. From the first conversation I had with Crystal she took a genuine interest in my needs and immediately provided options towards building a plan well-suited to my goals and the goals of my business. I know her to be strategic in her approach and analytical in her evaluations”

Ramon Winemburg, CEO, DCE, Inc.


“A rule-of-thumb for exec recruiters is "never become close to your candidates." I completely violated this after I recruited Crystal into Pillsbury Winthrop as Manager of Communications. Clearly, Crystal was a rising star and it didn't take too long before she was promoted to firm-wide Director of Communications/Media Relations. She's a pro at "getting ink" for her clients and maintains relationships with media folks no matter where she goes. We have both left the firm but I remain a member of her fan club.”

Becky Taylor, Principle, Taylor Resources Associates