• RCC works closely with attorneys to ensure whatever is said or issued for public view is in lock-step with their legal strategy.

    RCC works closely with attorneys to ensure whatever is said or issued for public view is in lock-step with their legal strategy.

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Representative Matters: PR Counsel in the Court of Public Opinion

Employee of a large manufacturing company, walks copies of internal documents into a TV station and hands them to the investigative reporter with the president’s home and cell phone number. Story comes out which competitor then presents to public committee meeting deciding on $9M project.

Distributor of wiring product sold through major tech companies gets series of bad shipments of product manufactured in China. Sellers want to cancel orders and contracts.

Ambush interview. Opposing counsel contacts media prior to lawsuit being served, provides access to plaintiff for taped interviews; media shows up on grounds with camera crew wanting comment and filming property and signage.

100 plus-year institution faces acrimonious membership split from affiliates over ideological differences.

State Attorney General holds news conference of companies accused of fraudulent billing practices, news trucks appear at accused client’s door within 30 minutes.

Municipal crossfire. Third party service provider sends erroneous tax bill to over 1,000 homeowners leaving a 72 hour window to make corrections through online and in person outreach.

Piracy. High-end biopharma product sold exclusively through medical offices begins showing up on Ebay.

Guilt by association. Innocent film company’s office swept up in law enforcement operation, media blasts news of raid, stories appear on television, radio, print.

Parent company caught in major scandal, creates toxic shadow for affiliate company in states.

Disgruntled employee downloads client information, creates false news reports and issues cyberattack on company to its clients.

Youthful indiscretion. University student with confirmed job offer at F500 company posts a silly prank which alerts local police and becomes picked up by TV news.

New CEO discovers gross accounting and regulatory violations, implements draconian cuts, faces AG investigation among wilting support from donor sources.

Marquee changes at professional services firms involving partner disputes.

David v Goliath case in appeal of ruling in class action lawsuit involving 6 multinational companies.

Intimidation lawsuit filed against small association in an attempt to silence and foster political gain.

Internal implosion of family business in national chain valued at $1.2B, attracts hostile takeover attempts, raid on brain trust, campaigns to woo clients, etc.

Phony witnesses given John Doe protection, make false allegations against legal counsel resulting in sanctions against the attorneys.

Innocent email exchange gives wrong impression. Investor backing away from $1.2M verbal agreement.

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