Team Rock

Investigative, radio, TV, newspaper journalists, former stockbrokers,attorneys, professors and others assist RCC clients.
Our partnership with independent consultants allows us to quickly and efficiently tap industry experts when and where it is needed most.


Crystal Rockwood

Chief Strategist

As RCC’s chief strategist with over 25 years of professional experience, she is in demand as an accomplished, veteran message strategist with a phenomenal track record of success solving some of the industry’s most vexing and complex communication challenges. 

Crystal is conversant in Italian, enjoys Taiko drumming and providing amazing hospitality.

Crystal Rockwood's full bio.

Don Parker

Strategist, Civic-Public Liaison

Don has crisis resolution skills in his DNA. A former Fire Chief and current President of the Board of Directors for the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, Don started his public safety and protection career in the Navy and is a Vietnam Veteran. He spent more than 40 years in the fire service. 

Savvy to city hall politics and unions, Don’s counsel on how to change the tide of public opinion has helped many RCC clients over the past decade. 

As a Mason (33rd degree) and avid golfer, Don’s friends and family count on him for bringing out the best in all situations.

Richard Rockwood

Strategist, Bottom-Liner

You don’t become the nation’s 7th leading scorer in college basketball, or score 52 points in the European Pro League, get named MVP out of a tournament of 64 teams and not learn how to strategically outwit your opponents.

This and his bachelor’s degree in business, Dick managed hundreds of people in turn-around operations for assisted-living facilities and restaurants. His team building style quickly earned him loyal clients and staff.

RCC clients benefit from Dick’s expertise in quickly taking complex issues and determining assets and potential vulnerabilities. Dick enjoys driving (a lot), movies, politics, traveling and living up to Norm’s expectation of a good dog dad.

Susie Johnson

Communications Advisor

In 2006, Susie helped launch RCC. Dauntless and talented in engineering profitable business-to-community bridges, RCC and its clients continually benefit from Susie’s acumen in the court of public opinion.

Currently Susie spends most of her time organizing and implementing communication channels among an international audience for a non-profit organization with offices in Asia, Europe, South America and the US.

When time allows from international obligations, Susie counsels RCC clients on business opportunities to expand their profiles. She treasures family time, including those with four feet.

John Shaw

Communications Counsel

John is a former stockbroker (E.F. Hutton) and journalist (CBS and Gannett News). He has specialized in crisis comm, financial PR and investor relations (IR) since 1992 when he began his management consulting career with the Financial Relations Board, the nation’s largest and oldest IR firm at that time.

Mr. Shaw has travelled over 70 countries, and has a devoted yoga practice for 24 years training teachers in his free time.

He is a former Captain, USMC, and earned his Master’s Degree in Management from Webster University, St. Louis.

Alan Earls


Alan has authored and co-authored several nonfiction books and thousands of published articles spanning several industries. Located near Boston, Massachusetts, Alan covers topics as diverse as high-tech, insurance, immigration, parenting, real estate, auto safety, travel, history, politics and yes, even death (he wrote about the "green burial" movement for American Cemetery). RCC clients appreciate his journalism style. His passions are family, reading, and his favorite soft drink, a New England favorite, Moxie. Rumor has it he is one fine cook.

Alan has a Bachelor's Degree from Boston University and has also completed coursework at Harvard University Extension School and at Suffolk University Law School.

Brianna Smith

Researcher, Writer

Bri has worked for start-ups, companies in transition, and non-profits, where she wore many hats—her favorite being website management, graphic design, and social media marketing. She has an eye for the client’s style and keeps up on the latest trends. She also makes great food and drink recommendations, tailored to your palette, but inviting you to explore.
After writing an 80-page thesis to graduate from Scripps College in 2011, she still managed to maintain a love for the written word. Bri has learned to adapt to any organization’s audience base and specific communications needs. As her husband begins a career as a professor, she is looking forward to delving the depths of creative writing, and potentially grad school. Her other loves include traveling, cooking, film, and the ocean.

Martha Casey (“Casey”)

Communications, PR Specialist

A seasoned business developer in the legal, real estate, and lodging industries, Casey spent over two decades assisting law firms based in Northern California. She has worked with AmLaw 100 firms and brings the same professionalism to her work with smaller firms supporting Issue Management and PR Counsel projects.

Clients appreciate her attention to detail and ability to forge new paths for richer industry and community profiles. Casey is known for turning the ordinary into interesting and memorable.

A scary love for sports cars, award-winning needle pointer (talk about attention to detail), a novice mystery writer, traveler, Casey keeps things interesting for her cowboy and adventurous friends.

Judy Rakowsky

Veteran Investigative Reporter, Communications Counsel

Judy Rakowsky harnesses deep journalistic experience covering crime, scandals and politics for major media outlets to help clients develop the right strategy and message even in the face of litigation, regulatory action and other reputation and career threats. 

The media works at warp speed, and clients benefit from the skills of a professional with decades of deadline experience as a staff reporter and editor at the Boston Globe, and other regional and national outlets. Crisis communications, like her beloved Scuba diving, is about being ready to effectively address or glide by whatever swims into view.