Warren Buffet said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Today, it takes seconds via a text message. On June 15, Crystal will present to the American Marketing Association Inland Empire on “Weathering a PR Storm through Crisis Communications.”

In managing a crisis, Rockwood Communication Counsel is well practiced in assessing vulnerabilities and equipping clients to ensure a response is swift, accurate and decisive. In this presentation, Crystal will teach marketers tips on how to help stabilize and de-escalate a crisis and to prevail in the court of public opinion. RCC knows that the goal in any crisis is to protect a reputation, and sustain credibility—not just for today, but for the next move. With any company or organization, rainy days are a given, but by helping your marketing team master a few skills, you can weather the next PR storm.

The main takeaways for marketers from the presentation will be:

  1. Helping marketers provide high value during a PR crisis. Marketers are usually the most informed on where potential hidden bombs are in an organization, and often aware of potential remedies, yet they are rarely consulted. Crystal will help marketers identify vulnerabilities and assets for their organization.
  2. Crystal will provide tips for staying on message, even when it hurts. There are always ways to stay engaged and proactively get legal counsel on your side.
  3. And once weathered, there is storm cleanup. It’s easy for smoldering flame to ignite into a new crisis if organizations market too hard too early. Crystal will instruct on safe ways to re-start business development and promotional efforts after a crisis.

 If you would like to join this presentation, you can register through the AMAIE event page here.

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What People Say

  • "Crystal helps us to be our best selves, especially in the heat of crisis. When the circumstances might incline us to overreact, Crystal helps us remember the values we espouse and helps us find a way to respond that is true to our values. She never tries to remake us in her image or in the fashion of anyone else. Read More
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