Crisis Management

Crisis Management: Shaping Opinion When it Matters Most.

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it." - Warren Buffet

"Today, 140 characters does it in seconds" - Crystal Rockwood

Building the Strong Response
RCC assesses vulnerabilities and equips you to ensure your response is swift, accurate and decisive.  We work to transform the unexpected incident or crisis into the right response, online and within traditional media outlets.  The goal: protect your reputation, enhance your message and sustain credibility.

Any present or imminent threat to an organization or individuals credibility, income, donor base, clients, constituents, referral sources, etc. Examples include:

  • News Stories
  • Press Inquiries
  • Investigations
  • Lawsuits
  • Inappropriate remarks
  • Sudden Leadership Changes
  • Cyberattacks

Response time: ASAP, 24/6; Sundays, if critical.

Duration: Through the period of crisis (to be followed by Issue Management Engagement and/or PR Counsel if desired)

Rockwood Communications Counsel knows crisis management.  For urgent matters, call: 562-682-6482

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What People Say

  • "Thank you again for coming to Boeing yesterday and addressing our engineers and finance managers. Your session was informative, memorable and fun. Practical guidance on business manners and courtesies are hard to come by these days. I especially appreciated the hand outs and your tips on conversations and introductions. I hope you can return in 2014 for another session." —Terralee Read More
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